Classic TrimCoat's First Car

                                                              The Creation of Classic TrimCoat’s Oxidized Aluminum Treatment

Classic TrimCoat effectively treats the problem of oxidized, anodized aluminum found on the exterior window moldings on BMW’s, and most high end cars. Classic TrimCoat also has become popular in the restoration of 50’s American cars. The Classic TrimCoat product line started when owner, Paul Miller, applied a water based polymer mix he was experimenting with for another project on the window moldings on his 1977 BMW 530i. The BMW was in pristine condition, except for the badly faded and oxidized anodized aluminum window moldings. After the application of his polymer mix, the moldings looked almost new. This little experiment was overlooked for a period of time due to other business obligations.

                                                                           Classic TrimCoat Outshines the Competition

About six months later, the section of molding he had treated still looked good on his 530i. The possibility of creating a new product quickly entered his mind, but surely there must have been an existing product which could do the job. Paul tested the other products on the market. He found Mothers Aluminum Polish, Simichrome, Meguiars, and various other products did not work as well as his mix on oxidized anodized aluminum.

                                              Providing a Solution for the Widespread Problem of Oxidized Anodized Aluminum  

As Paul began to take his experiment more seriously by looking into the existing market, he learned that the problem of oxidized anodized aluminum was widespread. BMW’s, Mercedes, Jaguar, and many other cars, had oxidized trim. He began refining what would become the Classic TrimCoat product. The refinements of the product improved the end result, and he decided to see if there would be any larger interest in a product like this. As a member of BMWCCA, Paul received the “Roundel” magazine monthly, a high quality magazine for the BMW enthusiast. Since the magazine encoraged new product subissions, Paul sent in a discription of Classic TrimCoat with before and after pictures.  Classic TrimCoat was featured in the “New Products” category shown below, but no immediate interest came from the article.






                                                                     An Unexpected Start For Classic TrimCoat    

About a year later, Paul received a call from Jan Hermstad, the pre-owned car manager at the time at Global Imports BMW in Atlanta, Ga. This is one of the largest dealerships in the Southeast. Jan told Paul that he had seen the article in “Roundel” and that his high end cars had oxidized aluminum problems. He asked Paul to come out to the dealership and demonstrate his treatment. After demonstrating the product on a sample car, Hermstad liked the results, and suggested that Paul come to Global on a regular basis. Not exactly what Paul had expected, but it became a nice, easy start for his Classic TrimCoat. business. This became the first of many dealerships in the Atlanta area at which Paul used the Classic TrimCoat process for refinishing oxidized aluminum trim.

                                                                                         Classic TrimCoat Today

Over the next twenty five years, Paul was able to further develop and refine the product on thousands of cars. Classic TrimCoat Kits are now available  to the individual enthusiast too, because of the tremensous interest amoung "Do It Yourself" car owners.

                                                                  A Less Frequently Asked Question… Who Is Paul Miller?  

Paul Miller has spent most of his life as a professional artist and musician. He ran his art gallery in Meredith, New Hampshire for many years during the summer months in the 70’s, and returned to Boston to play Pop and Jazz music during the winters. He has lived in Atlanta for the past forty years working as an illustrator, as well as producing commercial music for many national accounts. His art can be seen at: 

Twenty years ago he created the process by which oxidized anodized aluminum may be restored to a factory fresh finish. This product may seem totally unrelated to art and music, but having grown up in the fifties, he has always had an interest in cars. From the American hot rod era, to the present, his interest has grown. After purchasing his first non-American car, a 1977 BMW 530i, he became aware of its chalky, faded aluminum trim, and experimented with various fixes until he achieved success.



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