How do you refinish Oxidized  Aluminum?

Classic TrimCoat is a simple and easy to use solution for treating oxidation on anodized aluminum. After preparation of the oxidized surfaces, the deoxidizer is applied to the surfaces. It quickly restores the aluminum to new looking condition. Watch our videos on how to restore oxidized aluminum with Classic TrimCoat Kits. While it does not fix surface scratches, it does deliver a clarifying coating which protects against further damage. There is no need to remove the moldings to apply the treatment.

Does Classic TrimCoat Have A Money Back Guarantee?


We have refinished over 5,000 cars in the Atlanta area at major dealerships, and feel confident that if you do not get the result youexpect, we will give you a 30 day money back guarantee. This product is for anodized oxidized aluminum only.

What Is Anodized Aluminum?

Anodizing is a process by which aluminum is given a protective coating. This is done by placing the aluminum in an acid bath, and introducing an electric current. This combination produces a hardened surface which is created from the aluminum itself. Even though this anodized coat is more durable, it still has a tendency to turn white and chalky as it is exposed to acid rain and chemicals. The way to find out if your aluminum is anodized, is by polishing it. If you find your cloth turns black, your aluminum is unanodized. Wheel rims are not anodized, but are given a protective clear coat. Exterior car window moldings are anodized. Classic TrimCoat can also be used on rims as a final clear coat protectant as apposed to having to mask and spray on the protectant.

Does Anodized Aluminum Have a Protective Clear Coat On It?


have personally refinished over 5,000 cars in the Atlanta area in my detailing business over the past twenty  five years. To date, I have not found that there is a clear coat on anodized aluminum. There is no need for it. If the aluminum had a clear coat on it, it would probably last longer before oxidation would take place. Anodized aluminum oxidizes when it is exposed to acid rain, and other detailing chemicals. Anodized aluminum, as explained above, is a hard crust formed from itself. When it becomes oxidized, the anodized surface becomes microscopically etched into very fine craters. The only way I have found to bring these surfaces back to a clear finish is to use Classic TrimCoat.

Will Classic TrimCoat Hurt My Paint?

No! The Classic TrimCoat deoxidizer formula is safe, and cannot hurt you paint.


Why Should You Mask Around Your Moldings Before Applying nThe Treatment?

The only reason we mask around the moldings is to prevent possible dulling of your paint when we mildly sand the moldings. The new paints are very durable and can be hard to bring back to a shine if dulled



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