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                                                     Classic TrimCoat

This is a great product. It worked exactly as advertised.


-Mark Merrill ( client Email Testimonial)

As a long time service writer at United BMW of Roswell, Ga, I am often asked if there is anything that can be done about the chalky, oxidized exterior window trim on many of the BMW cars. Many have tried various polishes with little success. For years now, we have used Paul Miller’s Classic TrimCoat products with great success. The natural shine and clarity are restored when the product is applied, and remains so for a long time. Because we avoid having to replace these moldings at great expense, we find the Classic TrimCoat solution to be the best value.

-Eric Rossman, service writer at United BMW of Roswell, Atlanta, Ga.

Just a word to tell others about a very effective and reasonably priced solution to the problem of oxidation on exterior window trim on most BMW models. For the past ten years or so, I have used the services of Paul Miller, owner of Classic TrimCoat to refinish our exterior trim. Replacement off these trim pieces can be costly to our dealership, therefore, we have found that the better solution is to use the Classic TrimCoat product.

-Mike Costa, Pre-Owned scales manager at United BMW of Roswell, Atlanta, Ga.

I was first introduced to Paul Miller and Classic TrimCoat products over ten years ago when I was sales manager at United BMW. At that time, we were having problems with some of the exterior plastic and aluminum trim pieces on most of the BMW models. We found that by using Classic TrimCoat products, we were able to avoid having to replace these pieces. I am now with Atlanta Classic cars Mercedes, and we still use the Classic TrimCoat products on many of our Mercedes models.

-Fred Willey, Atlanta Classic Cars.

For many years now, our Volvo dealership has used the services of Paul Miller of Classic TrimCoat in Atlanta. The Volvo XC90 model often shows signs of oxidation on the exterior window trim. Mr. Miller has a product which refinishes these trim pieces at a reasonable cost. Because replacement can run into the thousands, we find the Classic TrimCoat product to be an extremely good value.

-Joe Firpo, sales manager at Dyer & Dyer Volvo in Atlanta, Ga

After trying many other OTS products, Classic TrimCoat worked great on our 2006 BMW 530xi

Jim Kennedy emailed after using the Classic TrimCoat Oxidized Aluminum Kit.