1957 Chevy Impala Convertable

                    The Creation of Classic TrimCoat’s Oxidized Aluminum Treatment

Classic Trimcoat Oxidized Aluminum Treatment kits will treat faded, tarnished, chalky, and watermarked exterior window moldings. This aluminum deoxidizer will bring your car’s aluminum exterior trim back to its original shine and beauty. This easy to use kit comes with everything needed to achieve a quality result. Removing oxidation from your anodized aluminum exterior window trim has never been easier. All products have a 30 day money back guarantee.

1989 BMW E24 635 CSi

Classic TrimCoat Oxidized Aluminum Kits are now being used on American Classic cars.  Classic TrimCoat has been treating the problem of oxidized aluminum in the Atlanta area for the past twenty five years. In the past, Classic TrimCoat serviced primarily BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and many others. More recently, there has been an increased interest in using the Classic TrimCoat Oxidized Aluminum Kits to treat the early classic American cars. The replacement parts for these cars have become rare. If not damaged or badly scratched, these parts can now be restored using Classic TrimCoat.

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