Nothing But Trouble with Chevy Chase. Demi Moore, and John Candy..

             Fast forward to see car chase scenes...

This was one of the first movies I saw that featured an older BMW 735i like the one shown above. After seeing the performance of this big BMW 735i, I purchased one years ago in the same color combination, and drove it for years. Over the past years, I have owned four of these. The 735i is quite powerful and smooth on the road. The video below is of my current E23 I restored about three years ago. It is a five speed which is rare.

This 1999 MIni Cooper Sport was purchased about five years ago turned out to be what I call, "Too Nice To Drive." As you can see by the pictures and video, this is the type of vehicle that needs to be for show purposes. This is why after ownining it for about two years, I decided to sell it to a collector who was looking for a black on black Mini Sport like this.

Where Things Are On Your E23 PART 1

Where Things Are On Your E23

Part 2

This 1985 E23 was purchased from an owner in California about three years ago and he was very meticulous about the maintainance of this vehicle. The oil was changed religiously every 3,000 miles with 20/50 non synthetic oil. Two one inch thick mainainance folders came with the car, documenting its mantainance history. Major cosmetic work was done, along with a color change inside and out. A full length video will be coming soon showing the conversion. Here are a few pictures before and after.

This 1989 BMW E24 was purchased more recently, and is in extremely beautiful shape. Only minor mechanical work was done to make it the best it could be inside and out. Here are a few pictures.



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